Prague Czech Republic

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Prague, Czech Republic, is named for good reason as “the city of a thousand towers”, If you look at the horizon of 1100 years, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the beautiful dome churches and ancient towers, the Prague Architectural gems make it world. Everywhere, beautiful examples of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles characterize the city and offer a spectacular contrast to the ancient and robust Prague Castle. With one of the best preserved historical centres in Europe, the narrow streets of the quaint old town of Prague open onto spectacular squares, each hosting well-preserved historic buildings waiting to be explored. Compulsory sightseeing includes the famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava river, the beautiful Jewish quarter with its old synagogues and of course the many historic churches of the city.


Discover The Best Places To Visit In Prague

Wenceslas Square

The wonderful Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namestí), as a National Museum and many other attractions, is one of the strengths of the new town (Nove Mesto) in Prague architectural treasures. The name of the patron saint of Bohemia, whose statue can be seen here, was built in the 14th century under Charles IV as a horse market and has since become one of the city’s most important public squares. Always used for events and celebrations.

Prague, Czech Republic

The National Museum

After a seven-year renovation, the National Museum (Narodni Muzeum) in Prague, Czech Republic, includes several sites and houses many important collections from various fields with millions of articles from the fields of mineralogy, zoology, anthropology and archaeology as well as the arts and music. Alone with the specimens that have over five million copies. The oldest museum in the Czech Republic was founded in the early 19th century before it was relocated to its present location in 1891.

Prague Czech Republic

Cathedral of St Vitus

The Roman Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrala St. Vita), located on the grounds of the Prague Castle, is the largest and most significant Christian church in the Czech Republic. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague and also houses the tombs of many saints and three Bohemian kings. The cathedral was founded on the site of a Romanesque rotunda dating back to 925 AD and was built in 1344. The completion took more than 525 years. The result was a mixture of neo-gothic modernism and Gothic from the 14th century. Baroque and Renaissance influences. (Be sure to pay attention to the impressive gargoyles that adorn the exterior of the cathedral.

Prague Czech Republic

Prague Zoo

The beautiful Prague, Czech Republic Zoo (Zoologicka zahrada St. M. Prahy) was opened in 1931 and is not only one of the city’s main tourist attractions, but also one of the best zoos in the world. This 140-acre attraction is located in a suburb of Troy, not far from north of the city center, and is a particularly fun outing for travellers with children. Highlights for the younger ones are a fun petting zoo with pony rides and feeding opportunities as well as a large adventure park.

Prague zoo

Monastery And Library Of Strahov

The monastery and the Strahov Library (Strahovsky klaster) date back to the 12th century and are the second oldest monastery in Prague. Although the imposing portal and churches are very impressive, the two beautifully decorated Baroque libraries are the most important buildings. The philosophical library contains a variety of extraordinary furniture and an exquisite ceiling by Franz Anton Maulbertsch entitled Enlightenment.

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The Petrín Lookout Tower

Petrinska Rozhledna (63.5m), named after the hill, is reminiscent of a smaller version of the Paris Eiffel Tower with panoramic views of Prague.  Although the tower is one-fifth the size of its French equivalent, it creates the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. It was built in 1891 for the Prague Disused Railroad Exhibition and later moved to Petrin Hill in the 1930s, where it became one of the city’s main tourist attractions. Today, visitors can climb or the Petrin Hill in 30 minutes to the base of the tower to take a pleasant ride on the funicular before they approach the 299 steps of the building in which the building is located high (there is also an elevator and a cafeteria).

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