Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour Of Old Town

Dell Tours is proud to help tourists experience the Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour of Old Town. In the tour, you’ll learn about the history of Edinburgh’s beers.

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Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour

The Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour of Old Town

On your beer walking tour, you’ll be exploring the Old Town and Southside of Edinburgh. Edinburgh brewers also know this area as the charmed circle. On your tour, you’ll get to discover the beer history of Edinburgh through beer. This is from the 1100’s, when beer was first produced in Edinburgh, right up to the craft beer scene in Edinburgh today that’s thriving!

On your Beer Walking Tour, you’ll get to visit 3 unique venues, completely unknown by most locals. You’ll get to sample 8 premium Scottish beers. You’ll also get an Edinburgh Beer Map, so you can also wander around once the tour is finished.

The beer and also the beer map is included free of charge with your ticket.

Here’s 5 craft beers from Edinburgh. You’ll learn about all this on your Beer Tasting Tour of Edinburgh.

Paolozzi Lager (5.2%) from Edinburgh Beer Factory

Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour - Old Town
Robert Dunsmore at the Scottish Beer Awards with Paolozzi Beer

The Edinburgh Beer Factory‘s flagship brew is our newest Edinburgh beer on this list! Many compare this beer to Munich, Germany‘s Augustiner Hell. This beer, unlike many others, had success straight away. This is because the Edinburgh Beer Factory’s leader is John Dunsmore. John is the former boss of Tennent’s, a wildly successful Scottish beer. The design of the Paolozzi beer has had much praise. It was designed by Eduardo Paolozzi from the Leith district of Edinburgh. Be sure to try Paolozzi while you’re in town! Available at Harvey Nichols and other retailers.

The Cone IPA (6.8%) from Top Out Brewery

Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour - Old Town

Next on our list is The Cone IPA! We hope you like strong beers, because this is packing a punch at 6.8%! The owners of Top Out are keen hikers and looked to the Pentland Hills for inspiration when making this beer. What’s the best thing to have when camping in the Pentland Hills on a windy night? Of course, a strong beer! The name is called Top Out because they name a beer after every mountain they’ve conquered/ topped out. This relatively high alcohol content beer is balanced out with fantastic flavour.

Barney’s – Volcano IPA (5%)

Barney’s is a micro-brewery ran by Andrew Barnett. Barney’s uses no pasteurisation or filtration during the process of its creation, it’s completely natural. The Volcano IPA tastes like an American style beer, similar to Budweiser. This beer is a good place to start for an American tourist.

Innis and Gunn Lager (4.6%)

Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour - Old Town - Innis and Gunn Pub
The Innis and Gunn Pub on Lothian Road, Edinburgh

The Innis and Gunn story was an accident. They were approached to help age the oak barrels that whisky was stored in with beer. The beer was just meant to be discarded until curious workers tried what they were discarding. To their amazement, the beer tasted great! Much better than Tennent’s. Probably the smoothest beer you’ll ever drink, it doesn’t have the bitter taste of most beers. They went to work to perfect the recipe, adding vanilla and other secret ingredients and today we’re left with a multi award winning recipe.

Stewart Brewing – Radical Road Pale Ale

Image result for radical road pale ale

Stewart Brewing is a relatively new brewing company, launched in 2004. They now have over 25 employees and run a large custom built facility. What makes them different is that they have a brew it yourself kitchen and 18 taps that you can pour yourself straight from the keg!

The Edinburgh Beer Tasting Tour of Old Town is one of our most popular tours. The tour starts on the Royal Mile, which is an easy to reach destination for locals and visitors.‚Äč

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