Edinburgh Supercar Tours

Dell Tours is proud to be the first company to launch Edinburgh Supercar Tours! Due to the success of the other tours, Dell Tours has decided to launch Edinburgh Supercar Tours for the wealthy elite that visit historic Edinburgh.

Nothing is worse than going on holiday and leaving behind your favourite cars. There’s no better feeling than getting behind the wheel of an exotic and cruising down the road in luxury. The loud engine, the heads turning, the people taking pictures, there’s nothing quite like the novelty of driving a supercar!

Dell Tours is an Edinburgh company that can bridge the gap between the standard, cheap Edinburgh tours and the luxury experiences that you’re used to.

Matthew said in a recent interview “My wealthy friend came to visit from the states. We walked around the historic sights in Edinburgh. He was upset about all the walking, the huge crowds and wished I could show him around the city in a Ferrari. I called around and made it happen. We had so much fun and it’s a good time to expand this opportunity for other guests to the city.”

Dell Tours – Edinburgh Supercar Tours

Dell Tours is now offering exclusive and unforgettable driving holidays and tours. The Edinburgh Supercar Tour was born from a passion for the historic city of Edinburgh and exotic cars. Just like yourself, Matthew has an appreciation for the finer things in life. Having travelled across Europe, the Americas and Africa, Matthew knows a thing or two about what makes a holiday memorable or one to forget! Your Edinburgh Supercar Tour will no doubt be an experience you cherish the rest of your life, a one of a kind luxury travel experience.

Enjoy a fleet of supercars on Edinburgh’s historic streets. We have a wide variety available from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and much more! On the tour, you’ll learn about the best places in Edinburgh to shop, dine and rest.

This experience is for the motoring tourist who wants it all – one of the world’s most historic cities, the opportunity to drive a fleet of stunning supercars, the beautiful Scottish countryside and of course expert knowledge from an Edinburgh local.

When people hear about this incredible experience, it’s natural that they have many great questions before coming to a great decision. Here’s our most frequently asked questions:

Where will we go on our Supercar Tour of Edinburgh?

Each tour will be based around your unique preferences and length of stay. Some people want to stay in the city and learn more about the city, others want to visit the suburbs and some want to get out of the city and let the wheels spin!

Here’s some of Matthew’s favourite places to go on Supercar tours in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Supercar Tours

Palace of Holyrood House

Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh Supercar Tours

Colinton Village

Edinburgh Supercar Tours

Dean Village

Dean Village

Blackford Hill

And many more places…

Who will be my tour guide?

Our owner Matthew ensures that he’s the one taking each Edinburgh Supercar tour with no exceptions.

Edinburgh Supercar Tours

Who will be driving the vehicle?

The best part of the supercar tour is that you will be the one driving the vehicle! Matthew will be giving directions and informing you about the city.

Who is liable for the vehicle?

Upon a successful application to take a supercar tour, you will need to fill in paperwork for both Dell Tours and also with the rental company we decide to rent the car from. Dell Tours will pay for the rental out of the money you give us for the experience. Your details will be given to the car rental company and you’ll need to agree with their terms and conditions for renting the vehicle.

What cars are available?

There are many supercars available from our affiliated companies. These include Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes, Range Rover and Rolls Royce.

Edinburgh Supercar Tours

If you have a special car request, please ask info@delltours.co.uk.

What happens if the weather isn’t suitable for driving a Supercar on the day?

If the weather is very bad, we’ll get a Range Rover or Rolls Royce on the day rather than a Supercar.

Can you take cool pictures/videos of me for my Social Media?

Yes. Your friends will be so jealous when they see how much fun you had on your Supercar tour!

Edinburgh Supercar Tours

How much will it cost?

The price of Supercar tours in Edinburgh has many variables such as what car you decide to drive, the month you’ll arrive, how many days you’ll be visiting for, whether you want us to find your accommodation, your years of driving experience, your age etc.

For a quote for your stay, please contact info@delltours.co.uk with the above information.

I’m staying for a few days and want to see the rest of Scotland/UK, can we do that too?

This is a unique, exclusive experience where you can let us know your wishes for your holiday and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs. We can go to any location in Scotland/UK during your visit. Matthew knows many cool places across the country that you’ll like to visit tailored around your unique desires and preferences.

Please contact info@delltours.co.uk with your information and questions.

I don’t think I can afford the Edinburgh Supercar Tour… What else can I do that you think I’ll enjoy?

We have many other tours and experiences that you’ll enjoy! We have walking tours and Edinburgh camping experiences! Check out all of our tours here.

“I had to try something new.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

“No one ever thinks about who took 2nd place and that will never be me.” – Enzo Ferrari

“Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive.” Ettore Bugatti

Don’t forget to book your Supercar tour today! Email info@delltours.co.uk