Things To Do in Edinburgh – Top 10

If you’re looking for Things To Do In Edinburgh, you’re in the right place! Here’s our top 10 list of the best things to do in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is a city with a long, fascinating history. This means that walking around the ancient Edinburgh Castle is by far one of the best things to do in Edinburgh!
Edinburgh Castle is open daily from 9.30am and closes at 5 in the winter and 6 in the summer. If you can go in the summer on a warm, sunny day, you’ll love the experience!

While you’re there you’ll learn wonderful stories about its time as a military fortress, royal residence and prison of war. You’ll get to see Mons Meg, one of the greatest medieval cannons ever made.

Not everyone who came to the castle enjoyed their time there. Even the royal families complained about the draughts. For the pirates and prisoners of war locked in the vaults, life in the castle was a truly horrendous experience. You definitely need to go to the castle during your stay to learn all the stories!

Things To Do In Edinburgh

Football – Hibernian/Heart of Midlothian

If you come during football season, be sure to check out one of the Edinburgh football teams. Both teams are located within 20 minutes of the city centre and both teams have passionate fans. Hibernian have had the slight edge in recent years as Heart of Midlothian have been recovering from financial difficulties.

You can find official tickets on their websites here:

If you’re lucky enough to be in the city while the two teams go head to head, it’ll be one of the best football experiences you ever get to go to. The problem for tourists is that when Hibs (Hibernian) and Hearts (Heart of Midlothian) go head to head, tickets are usually sold out pretty quickly as each team only has 20,000 capacity in a city of almost 500,000 people.

However, tourists do occasionally find luck on the unofficial forums. If you plan your trip in advance, the earlier the better as someone should be able to pick up a ticket for you!

Ask the people here and see what they can do:

Edinburgh Derby

Calton Hill

Next on our list is Calton Hill. Calton Hill is one of Edinburgh’s main hills, set right in the city centre. It’s unmistakable with its Athenian monument poking above the skyline.

it was meant to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, as a memorial to those who died in the Napoleonic Wars. Building began in 1822, but they ran out of money. Since then, the people of Edinburgh haven’t really cared about it getting finished. It’s part of the history. If you love to look at stars, there are 2 observatories on Calton Hill.

It’s a must see if you want unparalleled views of the city of Edinburgh without a long walk.

Harry Potter Tour

If you love Harry Potter, it’s a great idea to check out the Free Harry Potter Tours while you’re in Edinburgh. It’s the only tour where you can mix together potions! There’s 12 places where J.K. Rowling got inspiration for her books. This free tour is limited to 14 people and due to the large amount of tourists in Edinburgh, regularly reaches the tour capacity. Check here to see if there are tickets still available during your stay.

Harry Potter


No trip to Edinburgh is complete without blowing loads of money on clothes! The United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in fashion and Edinburgh is no exception. If you like high end clothing, you need to check out George Street and Multrees Walk. For regular high street clothing and bargains, in and around Princes Street is the best place to go. You can go to the Scotland shops for Scotland clothes to remember your stay, however, they all stock the same, boring merchandise in their tiny shops! If you want to get the coolest Edinburgh and Scotland clothing, then check out the selection here with your coupon code EdinburghTop10 for 20% off your order! Click here to see the selection.

Things To Do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh are a scientific centre for studying plants, their diversity and conservation. It’s also a popular tourist attraction and popular among locals. The best part about the botanical gardens is that it’s free! There’s an opportunity to donate at the end so they can fund their studies and keep it open to the public for free. You don’t need to book tickets in advance, you can just show up and enter.

Extensive and with a feeling of openness, these delightful gardens play an important scientific role in the progress of botany. There’s many delightful walks to be had and many variations. The views change as the year progresses.

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo, is a non-profit zoo in Corstorphine, Edinburgh. It’s built on Costorphine hill and from here you’ll also be able able to get nice views of the city. Built in 1913, and owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, it receives over 600,000 visitors a year, which makes it Scotland’s second most popular paid-for tourist attraction, after Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Zoo is involved in many projects for science including breeding endangered animals and researching animal behaviour. Edinburgh Zoo is also the only Zoo in Britain to house Giant Panda’s and Koala’s! We believe the Zoo should be a priority during your time in Edinburgh.

Dell Tour

The Colinton and Dell area is one of the most beautiful parts of Edinburgh. You’ll start this tour in the city centre and make your way to Craiglockhart Hill. You’ll get to see beautiful views of Edinburgh and see a perfect selfie location. On this tour, you’ll learn about the history of Robert Louis Stevenson. Together with Matthew, you’ll read his most famous poems and discuss with your group the important lessons to be learned from his most loved quotes. You’ll learn a lot on this tour and feel invigorated to return home from the wise words of Robert Louis Stevenson. There’s a reason he’s Scotland’s favourite poet.

You’ll also get to see the home of famous Scottish philanthropist James Gillespie and learn the story of his life in Colinton and the crazy life story of your tour guide Matthew. The tour ends with a relaxing stroll in the Dell at the Water of Leith visitor center. This is the only Colinton Dell Tour and has become a favourite among tourists who wanted to explore further beyond the original city to a village that became engulfed in Edinburgh during it’s expansion. Get your tickets for your free tour by Clicking Here.

Things To Do In Edinburgh

Dive From The Top Board At The Commonwealth Pool!

Warning – This is only for the bravest people coming to visit! If you get injured attempting this, we accept no legal responsibility. The Royal Commonwealth Pool was refurbished in 2012 and has state of the art diving facilities. Diving from the top diving board is probably the scariest thing you can do during your time in Edinburgh! If you’re brave enough, go for it! If you’re not brave enough, wait until you’re about to leave and you can jump off! It’s likely you’ll get thrown out for jumping off as it’s not allowed however if you’re about to leave and you’re just here on holiday, it’s an exhilarating experience. Have fun!

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